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School Re-Entry plan

Under the guidelines provided through Alberta’s comprehensive school re-entry plan, students will return to learning in classrooms at the beginning of the 2020-21 school year.

Support for skilled trades professionals

Increased support for skilled trades professionals is part of our commitment to boost apprenticeship opportunities across the province and ensure we’re building a skilled workforce today to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Alberta’s Recovery Plan

As part of Alberta’s Recovery Plan, $25 million will support five life-changing recovery communities that focus on holistic addiction recovery, adding 400 mental health & addiction treatment beds.

Today is My 36th Anniversary

Today is my 36th anniversary, and until just minutes ago I thought it would be the first anniversary Darren and I spent apart.

CMR Funding for Red Deer College

As part of our Economic Recovery Plan we are investing into our post-secondary system, not only to create jobs, but to provide modern, world-class education to our students.