March 1, 2020

Monthly Letter



MLA Calgary-North Constituency

Proudly Serving the Communities of Carrington, Evanston-Creekside, Hidden Creek and Panorama-Hills

Happy March!  I am excited to be headed into Spring, a time of growth and renewal.  This is more than fitting as our government forges ahead with the Spring session beginning February 25 and our ambitious legislative agenda.  I look forward to getting back to work for you and your families.

Over the winter break, I have had several opportunities to meet with various constituents and stakeholders to discuss issues relating to immigration, the insured services consultation, community projects and, along with my colleagues, I co-hosted a Fair Deal townhall.  Through this time, I was able to obtain important feedback.

A special thanks to all my constituents for their continued support as I carry out my duties as your MLA.  Please feel free to contact me at tel. 403.274.1931 or email

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