Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Legislative Coordinator

Legislative Coordinator role available

Job Location

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada



Minimum Experience


Qualifications and Skills

•Project management skills: Possess an in-depth understanding of project management processes such as goal setting, timeline development, stakeholder engagement and overseeing initiatives
•Strategic prioritization skills: Experience providing strategic advice and counsel to leadership with an ability to identify key focus areas, foresee issues, and create metrics for success
•Analytical skills: Experience researching, bench-marking, analyzing data, to assist in making informed recommendations
•Management skills: Skilled in leading teams and creating and maintaining cross-departmental relationships to enable leadership success
•Problem solving skills: Proven ability to troubleshoot and handle the daily needs of an organization
•Communications skills: Possess superior verbal and written communications skills, with an ability to effectively communicate on behalf of leadership
•Equivalencies will be considered

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